“I’ve booked and worked with Rowan for a number of clients and he always delivers. Easy to direct, Rowan produces excellent work in double quick time. Our clients are amazed at his professionalism and efficiency.”

Joe Lewis – King Sound Studios


“I’ve used Rowan for a number of jobs and he is always flexible, reliable and professional. As well as a terrific voice, he has an incredible ability to interpret a script and put it down with a minimum of fuss.” 

Tim Street – ESP Productions


“Few VOs produce work to such a high standard so quickly. Rowan has a great understanding of how a script should be delivered while also ensuring the client gets what they want. He is a pleasure to work with – he just ‘gets it’.”

Graeme Thomas – Igloo Media


“Rowan is terrific to work with and nothing is too much trouble. My clients love him and I’m happy to recommend him to anyone needing a quality VO.”

James Stewart – Audio Post Sydney


“We used Rowan for a spot for a high-profile, luxury brand. He came into the studio and gave us exactly what we wanted in a matter of minutes. I’m happy to endorse Rowan and look forward to working with him again.”

Andrew Seaton – Mint Films


 A bit more about Rowan...

A graduate of the Australian, Film, Television and Radio School, Rowan spent 12 years working in radio, including a decade at 2WS, 2UE and 2GB as a journalist and presenter.

In 2006, Rowan was named Best Newsreader (AM) for all metropolitan radio markets in Australia. And here’s a picture….

Rowan Barker Best Newsreader

Rowan received his ACRA not long after he recovered from a near-fatal stabbing in Sydney, when he inadvertently went from reading the news to leading the news around the country.

Newsreader knifed at christmas party

Teen thought he dreamt Barker stabbing

Fully recovered but scarred forever


Rowan has also spent some time in the corporate sector, working on behalf of the tourism, aviation and transport sectors.
He is an advocate for greater public transport use.

SMH article "Transport minister backs commuters who beat the opal man"